Taking pictures calms my spirit.  It allows me to connect with my subject on a level of understanding that allows them to tell me their story as they unfold in front of the lens.

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Capturing special moments

Taking pictures calms my spirit and in a world that can be chaotic it feeds my soul.  I get the opportunity to connect to what my lens rests on.  The energy of  love, the tiredness of a long day, the fire of a laugh.  Photography is my poetry.  One of my greatest cheerleaders says, I have the gift of catching the energy and emotion through my camera, maybe I do.  It’s a gift from the Creator that I am here to share.  Maybe my journey in all of its ups downs spirals and free falls was all to bring me here.  As I got older I learned that the connection between what I was seeing through the lens of my camera was different than what I was seeing with my natural eye.  But both spoke truth to my journey.

Light and beauty come from a dark space

As a kid I would watch my dad in his darkroom and it never made any sense to me, how could such light and beauty come from a dark space.  But I enjoyed watching the final product, which always made me smile.  With my natural eye the world sometimes seems blurry, but with my camera lens the world is clear.

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Photography is my poetry. It allows me to tell your story through my lens.

Customer Service

I treat my clients the way I wish to be treated, and that is with utmost respect.

Work Ethic

My work ethic is a set of values centered on importance of work and manifested by determination.

Past Clients

Jonyce Cole

Jonyce Cole

Working with Kenji was amazing. She went over different poses and angles for each photo. Kenji suggested some great locations for our shoot. She captured some great life moment photos. The overall shoot and photos were beautiful.

Tyveena Mahoney

Tyveena Mahoney

My family and I have had the pleasure of taking pictures with Tarakenji photography on numerous occasions. Each time she has been very patient as I have 4 kids under the age of 9. So of course, sitting still is the last thing on their mind lol. However, Mrs. kenji is always able to still take advantage of those moments and capture the real them and I always seem to love those pictures more than the still frames. She helps truly put “life and stories” behind each picture. She doesn’t make you feel rushed for time. You feel like these pictures were pictures for her own family because she is so attentive to every detail to make sure you receive exactly what you wanted. Pictures for every season and every occasion. Amazing quality in finished product as well. Thank you TaraKenji. 

Sabrina Nicols

Sabrina Nicols

I absolutely loved my photos! While I’m not one to take many photos, due to people being judgmental, I love how she was able to capture a very candid me. I’ve labeled this photo “From Tragedy to Triumph” because I was able to let down my guard and allow her to guide me. With that she captured the pain I’ve experienced in life, as well as my gratitude for God’s grace and mercy that brought me through it all. I feel like the authenticity of the photos are what made them so beautiful to me. Thank you so much!!

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